Target stops selling potty training products that lacerated 15 toddlers’ genitals


Target is removing a potty training device from its shelves that lacerated at least 15 toddlers’ genitals. 

According to Los Angeles based law firm Kristensen Weisberg LLP,  WeePod Basix and the WeePOD Toilet Trainer Squish, products left their 3-year-old client and 15 other toddlers, with serious injuries to their genitals.

The potty-training device is manufactured by Prince Lionheart Inc. and was sold at various Target locations.

Many of the toddlers who used the device had their genitals stick to the WeePOD, causing the boys’ penises to be lacerated and damaged.

The firm argues that Target promoted the product as safe despite the fact that Prince Lionheart was aware of complaints dating back to 2012.
The manufacturer made some adjustments to the product in August 2017 so kids’ skin wouldn’t stick to the product. 

The firm claims Target refused to warn customers who purchased the older defective models. 

Target has agreed to stop selling the WeePOD Basix product with manufacturing dates before March 23, 2018. 



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