OAKLAND (KRON) — Google now officially has a presence in Oakland.

They opened up a computer science lab in the Fruitvale Village, which is next to the Fruitvale BART Station.

The goal of the lab is to help teach minority kids computer skills.

Our tech reporter Gabe Slate visited the lab Google calls, “Code Next” where they are hoping to inspire the next generation of tech workers for the Bay Area.

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More Info: https://blog.google/topics/diversity/code-next-commitment-cultivating-young-black-and-hispanic-tech-leaders/MORE INFORMATION:Code Next aims to create ”aha!” moments that connect computer science to students’ everyday lives. It’s funded entirely by Google, and free for all participants. Partner organizations, such as Black Girls Code and local middle schools, nominate students to join, and the fun and culturally-relevant curriculum focuses on general CS concepts. Participants drive their own projects — such as designing and programming a robot and 3D printing an Android chess set — and after months of learning, become creators of technology that they can share with their community.