SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Here’s an exciting and innovative product that can help keep your baby or toddler safe and healthy. It’s the new high tech supper swaddle blanket called the Little Lotus.

The creators of the high tech swaddle say that the came up with the idea because parents often worry about their babies temperature. The blanket is made using NASA technology to help keep babies at the perfect temperature so they can rest better.

“You’re always worried about your babies. Knowing that he is at the right temperature, not to hot, not to cold when he sleeps or naps it’s very comforting for us,” said co-founder Jane Chen.

On the inside, the fabric is embedded with a phase change material that basically is constantly absorbing or releasing heat to keep the baby at the perfect temperature. It’s made out of nanoparticles.

When you start rubbing the cloth, you feel the blanket warm up.

“The feedback is good … parents tell us it helps them sleep,” said Chen.

Besides helping them sleep better, it has a nifty feature that helps parents get through the night.

“With the design of the zipper around the bottom, you can change his diaper without taking swaddle off,” said Jeff Landau.

The Little Lotus Sleeper is $125, $25 goes to charity.ON THE WEB

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