Tech Report: New brainwave reading tech from Cal Berkeley released


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A break through in the technology involved in reading brainwaves has taken place here in the Bay Area.

KRON4’s tech reporter Gabe Slate shows us how this could change the way we interact with our phones, computers and other devices.

Professor John Chuang and a couple of graduate students from the University of California at Berkeley have made a breakthrough with brain wave technology that could lead people using their mental thoughts.

The process has taken three years at their bio-sense lab, with hopes of identifying people through brainwaves.

According to the research group, they call it “pass thoughts” or “mental gestures.”

Every thought you have creates a unique electrical signal that only your mind can create. That signal or “pass thought” can be transmitted by a brainwave reading wearable to log you into your devices and accounts.

According to Chuang, it is like a fingerprint but more of a secret and secure, because it is in your mind.

Professor Chuang and his team are working on turning small ear buds into functioning brainwave readers, and become the future of digital security.

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