Teens discover they’re having sex with same teacher and tell his wife


Two high school students in Florida who learned they were both sleeping with the same teacher, decided to tell his wife, WLWT reports.

They each confided in a mutual friend, who brought the girls together. 

According to a report obtained by WTLV, the two Fletcher High School students confronted the wife of Corey French, about the alleged affair and provided photos along with screenshots to prove it. 

The girls, ages 16 and 17, claimed they had engaged in a sexual relationship with the science teacher between 2015- 2017.

French resigned from his position in May and faces two felony charges. He is out on bond. 

His wife, Alexandra French, also a teacher, tried to intervene during her husband’s arrest and in turn,  was arrested. 

She was charged with resisting arrest without violence. 

The couple’s attorney, Melinda Patterson told the Florida Times-Union that her clients are innocent and that Corey French denies having any sexual contact with the girls. 

“He is maintaining his innocence across the board,” Patterson said, adding Corey French already agreed to turn himself in prior to the arrest, which contributed to the confusion.

According to the Duval School District’s report, one of the teens met French in April 2017. Soon after, the two started messaging on Twitter and sending explicit photos. 

French met the student at a nearby college hiking trail where they shared a kiss, according to the report. Days later, French and the girl had sex in a classroom. 

They had other encounters at her stepmother’s house and at his house, the report said.

The student and French continued having sex up until a few months after she graduated, WLWT reports. She cut things off when she met someone else.

The other girl met French in 2014 during her sophomore year when he took over her science class. 

She claims they had sex at his house and during a homecoming game. 

The girls decided to tell his wife because the feared he would try to coerce other students, WTLV said. They were also upset he wasn’t leaving his wife Alexandra French.

When Alexandra learned of the information she called the school’s principal and he was removed from the classroom.  



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