Teens killed in Menlo Park crash remembered 1 year later


Thursday marks the one year anniversary of a vehicle accident in Menlo Park that claimed the lives of three young men.

Two of the victims were members of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s Explorer program. 

Ricky Torres, 19, Andrew Gonzales, 18, and Matthew Cruz 18, were killed in a crash on Skyline Boulevard, just south of Gulch Road. 

Torres was driving the vehicle when he lost control, slammed into a tree and plunged down an embankment. 

Torres’ father, Rudy Torres, is a mechanic for the Menlo Park Fire Protection District and was at the scene of the crash Thursday.

“We all miss them, he said, ” It’s a heartache not to have them here.” 

At the time of the crash, there was speculation drugs and alcohol may have played a role in the accident. However, CHP investigators found the driver was going over the speed limit and there were no drugs or alcohol in his system. 

A memorial now sits where the car went off the road and in front of it is a guardrail, that was installed after the crash. 



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