(KRON) — Labor Day weekend is around the corner, and many people are preparing to hit the road. But one thing people may not be considering is just how unsafe the roads could be this weekend.

According to a study conducted by car insurance application Jerry, which used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Labor Day weekend ranks as the deadliest summer holiday for traffic fatalities. According to the study, more people die in vehicle collisions over Labor Day weekend than during Memorial Day or Fourth of July weekends.

It turns out that California is one of the deadliest states for drivers over the weekend because the state has three roads that rank in the most dangerous hotspots in the country. State Route-132 in Stanislaus County is listed as one of the 10 most dangerous roads in the country over the holiday weekend. Interstate-5 in Los Angeles County and Palm Drive in Riverside county also made the list.

California saw the most Labor Day traffic fatalities, followed by Texas and Florida. The fatalities are impacting young people in particular as people aged 16-25 years old are the most frequent casualties over the holiday. This group saw more accidents that were the result of speeding and alcohol than other age groups in the study.

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Which day turns out to be the deadliest? The Saturday of Labor Day weekend comes in at the top. However, when broken down by hours the most dangerous period is from 6 p.m. to midnight on Friday, with the deadliest hour beginning at 9p.m.