OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakland Roots soccer team and its adjacent women’s team, the Oakland Soul, have narrowed down their search for their next home stadium to two locations, the teams announced Tuesday. Currently, both teams play at the sporting field at Laney College near Lake Merritt in Oakland, but with growing interest and an expanding fanbase, the Roots in particular are looking for a bigger location to call their permanent home.

However, in the meantime, the organization behind the teams is looking for an interim stadium site. According to a statement posted on the clubs’ website this week, they have narrowed the choices for that site down to two spots:

  • The Oakland Coliseum
  • The former Naval Base at Alameda Point

“After assessing dozens of locations throughout Oakland and adjacent communities, the search for an interim stadium site that can host both men’s and women’s teams has been narrowed down to two possibilities,” the team said in a statement, “near the Oakland Coliseum and at the former Naval Base at Alameda Point.”

According to the team, the base and the coliseum are the only sites that meet the criteria for an interim stadium. Those criteria include:

  • Adequate size to accommodate the stadium, fan experiences, and parking
  • Accessible location by multiple modes of transit
  • Potential for economic impact
  • Underlying land use designation already provides for sports as an allowable use
  • Allows proper North/South orientation of the field

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“We are very excited to have found two sites that meet our needs,” Oakland Roots and Soul President Lindsay Barenz said. Barenz also admitted both locations presented “challenges.”

“The Coliseum will require work to ensure an interim stadium plan and the future of the Coliseum site are coordinated with several parties involved, and the former Naval Base at Alameda Point presents some transportation and parking issues,” said Barenz.

The statement from the teams was accompanied by a survey asking fans to weigh in on which location they’d like to see the teams use as an interim home. “We hope that every Roots and Soul fan will take our new survey so that we can better understand the needs for our interim stadium moving forward,” Barenz said.