SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Businesses in San Francisco continue to struggle with retail theft. The most recent incident happened overnight in the city’s Marina District, where a vehicle was used to break through a security gate at a Sunglass Hut location.

“You know, this is really disappointing,” said concerned Marina resident Christian Elbeck. “Somebody drove a car through here.”

It happened overnight on Chestnut Street. Concerned residents walking by pulled out their cell phones to take pictures of the destruction. They say this business has been targeted before.

“I was shocked to see, for the second time in six or seven months, these guys rammed by a car. Obviously, someone broke in and stole a bunch of sunglasses. It’s a shame,” said Marina resident Russell Long.

“Smash and grabs, they continue,” said Elbeck. “Especially here, and then the Palace of Fine Arts and other tourist areas like the Wharf. It’s just a bummer.”

The security gate held somewhat. There are sunglasses still in the display case inside the store but judging from an empty display section, it appears the gate didn’t completely prevent the burglary.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a concern,” said Lucca Delicatessen owner Paul Bosco.

Sunglass Huts are known targets for burglars across the city. A location in the Castro closed down last year due to crime. Bosco says a camera shop across the street also installed an exterior security gate hoping to prevent break-ins.

“And they had to remove all of their products from the window,” said Lucca. “They put in a safe in back at night. You just can’t have anything out in your display window. You got to lock everything up at night because you just don’t know.”

“We need more police officers,” said Elbeck.

“It comes down to hiring more officers,” agreed Bosco.

“Obviously, they’re trying to hire but it’s a long process,” said Long.