SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Thinking of buying a home in San Francisco? According to a new report from Redfin, you’ll need to be raking in quite a bit of cash first.

Hikes in interest rates and home prices that still haven’t returned to their pre-pandemic norms aren’t helping the affordability across the country, but it’s especially tough in California. The incomes needed to purchase a typical home are the highest in San Francisco and San Jose.

According to the real estate company’s latest report, homebuyers in San Francisco need to earn $402,821 to afford SF’s “typical” $10,071 monthly mortgage payment. Redfin says this is up 33.6% from this time last year. The amount is also far above the per capita income for San Francisco, which was most recently recorded at $72,041 in 2020 by the United States Census.

Two other cities in the Bay Area are not far behind the soaring costs in the City by the Bay. San Jose’s minimum income to comfortably afford a home sits at $363,265, which is 36.1% higher than a year ago, according to Redfin. Oakland is a bit more affordable with buyers needing to earn around $247,559 to call the place home.

Anaheim, California is next, where buyers need $254,286 to afford a typical monthly mortgage payment. Oakland comes in fourth, and Los Angeles comes in at number five, with buyers needing to earn $221,592 per year to afford a mortgage payment on a home nearby.

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If you’re wondering where the most affordable homes are, head out to the Midwest. Redfin says that buyers in Detroit only need to earn $48,435 to afford a home in their area. Even though that amount seems low, it’s still 52.3% higher than a year ago. Buyers in Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio are in luck–they only need to earn $51,126 or $53,817 respectively to afford a home in the cities.

Hoping for more of an East Coast feel but need to stay on a tighter budget? Homebuyers in Rochester, New York can afford a typical home in the area while earning a $56,508 yearly salary, Redfin says. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania boasts a similar affordability, with buyers only needing $57,853 to have a place to call their own.