NAPA, Calif. (KRON) — Shadybrook Estate Winery is the best winery in California, according to Yelp’s list of the best winery in every state.

Founded by Alice and David Alkosser, the winery offers a variety of wines made from grapes grown with “sustainable and biodynamic farming practices” and fieldwork done by hand. The on-site winemaking facility utilizes Italian temperature controlled tanks and French oak barrels as well as a new integrated bottling line in its production process.

The top wineries were chosen based on the volume and ratings of reviews, according to Yelp. Shadybrook has a five-star rating out of more than 250 reviews.

Being California’s best winery is “an honor,” said Kimberly Bothwell, Shadybrook’s vice president of sales and marketing. The Shadybrook team is “thrilled so many have contributed … by reviewing” their experiences at the winery.

She attributes the winery’s success to the “unique experience” it offers with combined horseback riding and wine tasting. It is a “team effort” between staff in all parts of the vineyard experience, she said, from the trail guides and equestrian caretakers to the winemaker who produces a “fantastic product.”

Shadybrook is located in Napa and features 25 acres of hillside growing area. The vineyard has a “complex blend of microclimates and slope exposures” due to its five distinct hills, as well as “countless variations” in soil depth and composition, according to its website.

“To take advantage of these subtle differences, each individual slope is farmed as though it were a single vineyard,” the website continues. “This allows for the development of optimal ripeness and a broad range of vinous components, creating a finished product layered with complexity.”

Shadybrook offers wine tasting and wine pairing experiences as well as private event spaces. Shadybrook’s Rapp Ranch Vineyards offers ranch and horseback riding experiences.