SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Safety is a key factor for many people when it comes to choosing a place to live, and according to a new study from WalletHub, a city in the Bay Area is one of the safest in the nation.

Fremont, California was ranked the 17th safest city according to the study with a safety score of 79.98. Fremont came in 10th place when measuring home and community safety. The city of Fremont ranked very well for financial safety, coming in at number five. The city did not do so well when it came to natural-disaster risk: it earned a ranking of 157.

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The next city in the Golden State to make the list is in sunny Southern California. Irvine earned a safety score of 79.25 in the study. The city comes in at number 6 when considering community safety. Irvine did not fare too well when it comes to natural-disaster risk, the city came in 150th place. However, according to the study Irvine has the fewest assaults per capita.

Another city in the East Bay did not fare so well when it came to safety, according to the study. Oakland was ranked the eighth most unsafe city included in the study.

Source: WalletHub


The study considered data from 150 of the largest cities in the U.S., as well as two of the most populated cities in each state. Three key dimensions were included: home and community safety, natural-disaster risk and financial safety. For more details on methodology please visit the study website.