SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Pride Events are being canceled in certain parts of the country—not because of COVID, but because of threats.

A pride dance party in Nevada City was unable to happen this past weekend over safety concerns. In five days, San Francisco is having its first Pride Parade in two years.

San Francisco Pride is expecting as many as a million people to gather on Market street for the Pride Parade on Sunday. Hoping the message of love outshine that of hate.

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It’s been a long wait for pride to go from a virtual celebration to in person. Rainbow flags and cheers coming back to the streets of San Francisco this weekend.

Carolyn Wisinger, Board President SF Pride tells KRON4, “We’re just so excited to be back in person to be doing it again for the community. There’s just no words to explain the excitement.”

While some are focusing on coming together, there are groups all over the US trying to divide–a rhetoric that Wisinger says is not new.

Earlier this month, 31 men were arrested in Idaho and charged with conspiracy to riot after they were found packed in the back of a UHaul with a smoke grenade, shin guards and shields. The men were on their way to a pride event.

In Nevada City a pride dance was canceled Saturday. City Council Member Daniela Fernandez says there were safety concerns about the event after hate mail was sent to council members, “Violent expressions of homophobia calling councilmembers really horrifying homophobic names.” Fernandez says she is committed to supporting the concerns of LGBTQ plus people in her community.

San Francisco Police say they are ramping up patrols ahead of pride celebrations in the city. They say there are no credible threats, but they are staffed to handle all calls of service this weekend. Wisinger says the pride board works closely with law enforcement and local leaders to have safety plans in place.

The San Francisco Pride Festival will be happening Saturday and Sunday in front of City Hall. The parade will make its way down Market Street Sunday, starting at 10am.