SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Three guns were stolen from a car in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

It happened on Geary and Webster streets at 3 p.m. The vehicle owner reported the theft to San Francisco police.

The owner had the three guns in a case. The suspect is still at large.

The guns did not belong to any law enforcement officer.

San Francisco police said this is part of a larger issue.

“…Auto burglaries are on the rise,” Ofc. Carlos Manfredi said. “I mean, like anything else, if you break into enough cars, eventually you’re going to hit a jackpot and you’re going to grab somebody who has their weapon in the vehicle.”

The make and model of the guns are unknown.

On Tuesday, the gun that was stolen from an FBI’s agent’s car over the weekend has been recovered, according to FBI officials.

Here is a map of where the two thefts happened: