(KRON) — The brunt of the early season storm that soaked much of the Bay Area over the weekend seems to have passed, but the possibility of light rain and even thunderstorms lingers for some areas Monday. While the rain event may not have lasted as long as projected late last week, it did deliver a substantial amount of rainfall to the drought-parched Bay Area.

How much rain did the Bay Area get?

“Our out of the norm September rain event behaved as expected and brought some exceptionally beneficial rain to the Bay Area right in the middle of our fire season,” explained KRON4 Meteorologist, Kyla Grogan.  “While this certainly won’t end our fire season by any means, it does buy us some time.”

The unusual September rain event caused tree limbs to fall, led to traffic incidents and even for a time, brought BART to a stand-still. Rain totals from the event across the region reflected this substantial downpour.

“To put a finer point on how anomalous this September rain was, the Napa Airport, which received .59″ of rain now sits at 1200% of normal for rainfall totals since July 1,” Grogan explained. “Santa Rosa sits at 910% of normal having received .91″ of rain over the weekend.” 

Graphic: KRON4 Meteorologist Kyla Grogan

Thunderstorms possible for Monday

But while the main phase of the weather event may be behind us, Monday still brings the potential for more rain, and even possible thunderstorms.

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“Today we still have a chance of a few showers but the bigger concern today is the potential for thunderstorms as we get into the heat of the day so I will be monitoring that closely,” said Grogan. 

Thunderstorms, of course, bring the possibility of lightning and Grogan recommends being weather aware, despite the brunt of the storm having seemingly passed.

“If you have outdoor plans this afternoon, be very weather aware,” she cautioned. “Should any thunderstorms enter your area, you want to be sure that you’re staying safe as lightning could accompany these pop up storms.”