REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) – Testimony in the murder trial of millionaire heiress Tiffany Li Wednesday revealed questionable behavior between the time that Keith Green went missing, and his decomposed body was found dumped in a remote field.

Two murder defendants are on trial: The 33-year-old Chinese real estate heiress, and her co-defendant and boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat.

Two people testified on the witness stand Wednesday: One was Green’s best friend, Daniel Hernandez. The other was Uta Bredenstein.

Bredenstein is the wife of Olivier Adella, a 6-foot, 5-inches, Mixed Martial Arts fighter who admitted to prosecutors that he accepted thousands of dollars in exchange for disposing of Green’s body in a remote Sonoma County field.

Adella was expected to be a star witness for prosecutors when he worked out a plea deal to avoid murder charges. Just one week before the trial was set to begin, he violated the terms of the plea agreement and can no longer testify.

But his wife can — Bredenstein.

Adella and his then-soon-to-be-bride, Bredenstein, were given periodic sums amounts of cash and gifts from Li in the months leading up to the slaying of Green, according to testimony.

Green met with Li on April 28, 2016 next to a pancake restaurant to talk about custody arrangements for their two young daughters. Green, 27, was never seen alive again.

Detectives showed up on the doorstep of Li’s multi-million-dollar mansion on April 29 to question her about Green’s disappearance. While knowing that the father of her children was missing, Li still attended a birthday party for Bredenstein’s daughter on May 1.

Then on May 9, Adella and Bredenstein were married at City Hall, and Li “gave the bride away.” Bayat also attended the wedding ceremony.

Green’s heavily decomposed body was found in a remote field two days after the wedding.

Bredenstein spent hours on the witness stand Wednesday. According to her testimony, Li said she was worried because Li had just lied to police detectives about whether Green was in Li’s car the night of the homicide.

During cross examination, Li’s defense team pointed out pieces of evidence to convince the jury that Bredenstein lacked credibility.

When police detectives initially questioned Bredenstein in May of 2016, she told police that Adella was with her at home the entire night of April 28, 2016. She admitted Wednesday that her now-husband was gone for at least five hours, sometime between 11 p.m. April 28 and 4 a.m. April 29, from their apartment. She became so angry by 3 a.m. April 29, that she called Adella multiple times to find out why he was not home with no explanation.

The second piece of Wednesday’s testimony was delivered by the victim’s close friend, Daniel Hernandez.

He looked directly at Bayat while describing a threatening phone call he allegedly received from Bayat during the days that Green was missing.

Hernandez, the owner of a tattoo shop, was once friends with Li, Green, and Bayat. But after his best friend disappeared, Hernandez suspected foul play from Bayat and Li.

In the fall of 2015, Hernandez said he received a phone call from Green. Green was upset because Bayat’s car was parked outside Li’s house. Hernandez said he drove Green to just outside Li’s house that night, and Green and Li decided to break up.

“I wanted to make sure there was no fighting or anything crazy. It was civil,” Hernandez said.

After Green vanished, Hernandez said Bayat called him,

“He rambled on being tough. He was always talking tough. Making threats,” Hernandez testified.

He said Bayat warned him to not talk about Li or Bayat in connection to Green’s disappearance.

After Hernandez wrapped up his testimony and was leaving the courtroom, he kissed one of Green’s tearful family members on the cheek.