Timeline of the deadly Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting


GILROY (KRON) — A 19-year-old gunman opened fire on the Gilroy Garlic Festival Sunday killing two children and a man in his 20s. 

Police say officers killed the gunman, Santino William Legan, after he used an assault rifle to kill three people and wound 16 others. 

What happened

“We have an active shooter at the Garlic Festival,” a police dispatcher can be heard saying.

Police say Legan cut through a fence along Uvas Creek to gain access to the festival grounds without going through a metal detector.

Brendan Gorshee and his two daughters were in his truck about 50 feet away.

Gorshe said he seconds after he hit the ground, he was probably five feet from the fence when he raised his gun.

“All of a sudden, he raised up up and pop, pop, pop,” one of Gorshe’s twin daughters explains. “It was a really long gun.”

Police say Legan was armed with an SKS assault rifle, legally purchased in Nevada three weeks ago.

Witnesses say he stepped out from behind the Vineyard Stage and began firing towards the food tents along Gourmet Alley.

“He was just shooting to shoot, trying to hit anything or anybody he could,” a witness said.

Gunfire was followed by panic and confusion.

“You could just hear the loud pops right behind it and it was just a nightmare,” another witness said.

Officers patrolling the festival engaged the suspect in less than a minute.”

Police dispatch reveals the gunman then turned and ran.

“Subject might be in the creek south of Miller,” dispatch said. “He’s wearing a camouflage hat … (unintelligible) uniform and he’s got a long gun.”

For 20 minutes officers searched the area.

“I need some units north of the park to try to seal off the creek,” police dispatch said.

At 5:45 p.m., 20 minutes after the shooting began, the gunman was dead.

“We have the shooter down possibly in the northeast corner of the park,” police dispatch said.

Police radio traffic

Authorities early Monday released police radio traffic describing the chaotic scene as the gunman opened fire Sunday night.

What the video here below. A log is provided below the video.

Here is a log of some of the key moments during the incident.

7:48: “Active shooter” 

8:24  “Active shooter at the Garlic Festival, head that way” 

8:36 “Where are the shots coming from? Can you still hear them?”

9:30 “I’ve got one shooting victim at Miller and Uvas. I need one ambulance code 3”

10:10 ” (inaudible) X-ray one the subject is in camouflage and wearing a boonie hat”

10:55 “Looks like the subject may be in the creek … he’s wearing a camo hat camo uniform and he’s got a long rifle with a removable magazine” 

16:57 “(inaudible) You have a second victim, they are performing CPR at Miller and Uvas…. I’ll find out where you can get the victims closest to us” 

18:23 “Code 20 I need assets to the compound, specifically medical, we have several victims down in the police compound” 

19:04 “We need to setup a triage … inside the police compound, the victims are coming here.” 

24:30  “We’ll be working our way on foot through the creek and trail” 

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