SALT LAKE CITY (KTVX) — As more people quarantine, online spending is going up and porch pirates are making moves.

Official reports from 2019 indicate an estimated 36% of Americans claim to be victims; losing more than $5 billion worth of packages.

Police in Unified, Utah, share that it is best to always keep an eye out for your neighbor. 

“Some people get an Amazon package almost every day,” said Police Det. Ken Hansen.

With COVID-19, more people are staying home and making their purchases online. Which has resulted in enticed porch pirates, identified as Millennials and Gen X-ers, to increase in activity.

“I’d say the most important thing is contact with neighbors to watch out for each other. Maybe have a safe box or lockbox it can go into. Try to have your packages delivered when you are home,” said Hansen.

Upon further investigation, it is determined millennials are also the ones most likely to be stolen from, making up for $2.7 billion of lost packages. 

UPD adds that though there is not a specific code for porch pirates, you should phone authorities immediately. When law enforcement is alerted, the chances of catching the pirate and reuniting with your package increase.

“They should call the police so we can have documentation, but also if we catch someone or arrest someone in that area, we can backtrack and hopefully get you something back yourself,” said Hansen.

Officials advise to keep an eye out for suspicious people and vehicles. It is also recommended to either install a lockbox, ask your delivery driver to conceal the package, install cameras, and/or request a signature.

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