Authorities are investigating a suspicious package that was intercepted at a postal facility in Burlingame, a law enforcement source tells CNN. 

According to multiple law enforcement officials, the package is similar to the other suspicious packages and was sent from the pipe bomb suspect, Cesar Sayoc. 

What we know: Florida bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc

The package was addressed to Tom Steyer, a billionaire activist and democrat.

Steyer has donated heavily to Democrats. He recently donated $2 million to Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor in Florida.

He also announced a few months ago he is giving millions dollars to a campaign dedicated to registering young democrats to vote.

Steyer has released the following statement on the suspicious package incident: 

We’re thankful that everyone we work with at NextGen America and Need to Impeach is safe — that’s always our first priority, and will continue to be our first priority.

We are seeing a systematic attack on our democracy and our rule of law that extends much further than just one isolated terrorist in Florida. Whether it’s voter suppression, voter intimidation, attacks on our free press, gerrymandering, or attempted violence — the trust and norms that are the actual basis for our civil society and political system are being eroded. It’s time for the Republican Party to denounce any attacks on the rights and dignity of any American and begin to work on building the broadest and most comprehensive democracy possible for each and every American.

KRON4’s Ella Sogomonian caught up with Steyer who applauded law enforcement and the postal workers who discovered the package, for their quick thinking.

“I just want to thank the police and post office for doing such a great job,” he said. ” I think they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. They kept everyone safe and apprehended the suspect in record time.”

On Friday, authorities arrested a 56-year-old Sayoc, of Aventura, Florida in connection with the suspected explosive packages. 

Three suspicious packages addressed to New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and Senator Kamala Harris were also intercepted Friday.