SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KRON) – A massive pine tree fell onto a San Bruno home during this past weekend’s storm.

One neighbor said he was worried something like this would eventually happen. “One of the branches was coming down and I said, ‘You know something is going to happen. If it keeps raining like this, it’s going to come down’,” said Bassam Shamiya, neighbor.

Homeowner Lorrie Sheets said she and her wife were home when the tree came down just before midnight. “We were just looking around in the garage just to see how much was damaged and could we actually get out of the house,” said Sheets.

The tall tree stood between 60 to 80 feet in the air. It fell from the next-door neighbor’s front yard, damaging the exterior of Sheets’ garage and crushing the new car in her driveway.

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The tree managed to miss the interior living space with Sheets and her family inside. “Nobody got hurt. Houses can be repaired. So, we’re good,” said Sheets.