SAN LEANDRO (KRON)—In the midst of an artistic transformation Saturday, the city of San Leandro welcomed what city leaders hope will become an iconic sculpture symbolizing the importance of empowering women.

KRON4’s Philippe Djegal was there as the sculpture “Truth is Beauty” was revealed.

A stunning sight to behold.

Two years after it’s creation, ‘Truth is Beauty” is now in San Leandro, ushered in with the support of the community and, its creator, Bay Area artist Marco Cochrane, who debuted the work of art at burning man in 2014.

The message behind the 55-foot tall sculpture, weighting 13,000 pounds, “What would the world be like if women were safe?”

“I had an experience when I was young that a friend of mine was sexually assaulted,” Cochrane said. “I was 7 years old and my response to it was to try to humanize women because it seemed like he must not have realized that she was a person.”

“And, the world did not come to an end and the adults around him never talked about it again,” said Chief Innovation Officer Deborah Acosta. “So, that resonated with my own personal stories that I have also been the survivor of a knife, uh, knife point rape at knife point at a BART station in Fruitvale. Some other situations in my life and I felt the beauty of her story resonates with me.”

The Chief Innovation Officer for the city of San Leandro, Deborah Acosta, reached out to Cochrane about permanently bringing the sculpture to the new soon to open San Leandro tech campus developed by Westlake Urban.

“Feminine energy is needed in order to bring balance to our world today,” said Managing Director of Westlake Urban Gaye Quinn.

It’s the second of three sculptures created by Cochrane.

One is in Las Vegas and the other still in Cochrane’s studio on Treasure Island.

“Truth is Beauty” depicts a nude woman reaching for the sky, but firmly grounded on earth.

“For women to be safe and valued is something very important to every city,” said Mayor Pauline Cutter.

A message strengthened on the kick off to Domestic Violence Awareness month.

“Women deserve equity, they deserve safety,” said California Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee . “They deserve to be empowered.”

Now, the sculpture heads to its new home, where it will be pieced together and then lit up during special grand opening of the tech campus later this month.

“My intention with this piece was to make the world a better place and I hope that it does,” Cochrane said.