SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Twitter has terminated over 700 members of its San Francisco staff and plans to separate from them completely by January, according to documents obtained by KRON4 News.

In a letter sent to the WARN Act Coordinator with the Employment Development Department and dated Friday, Nov. 4, the company shared that it was planning a workforce reduction at its offices at 1355 Market Street. The letter states that the company plans to let go of 784 employees by Jan. 4, 2022.

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The letter is clear that the employees being laid off have no union protection. It also states that the employees being impacted do not have bumping rights, meaning they will not be offered the opportunity to replace another employee doing a similar job at the company. The letter also states that the firings are expected to be permanent.

A second document with the letter clarifies which roles are expected to be terminated. Twitter plans on firing 9 executive staff members and 147 mid-level officials and managers. The largest chunk being terminated is a group of 592 professionals, along with 11 sales persons and 25 administrative professionals. The letter also states that the employees were informed of termination via email on Friday, Nov. 4.