SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Two students were found with knives on campus at Montgomery High School on Friday and both have since been arrested, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department. This comes less than two weeks after a student at Montgomery High School died after being stabbed by a classmate.

Police first learned of the incident when they received a call from a parent on Friday who reported that the administration of MHS had sent a letter out to families. The parent told police that the letter stated two students were found to have knives on campus before they were sent home with their parents.

When the parents were notified of the knives being found on campus, the police department had not yet been informed. SRPD began a preliminary investigation into the claims.

The investigation revealed that MHS administrators became suspicious of a student on campus when they “learned of a social media post involving weapons that may be with a student on campus,” SRPD says. When school officials called the 15-year-old student into the office, he reportedly handed an object to another student, a 17-year-old boy.

Staff at MHS confiscated the object, which was later determined to be a folding-style, locking knife with a 4-inch blade. After both students were brought to the office, staff found another fixed-blade knife; the blade measured over 7 inches long, according to police. MHS then “administered discipline to both students” before sending them home with their parents.

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An MHS administrator called the SRPD at 8:30 p.m. on Friday reporting the incident. The administrator agreed to an interview and identified both students before they handed both knives over to police. Both knives are now booked into evidence.

Police say they do not know why the students brought the knives to campus. Both students were arrested on Saturday for possession of a weapon on a school campus. The names of the students will not be released as they are both minors.

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that Montgomery High’s principal and assistant principal were placed on leave for the remainder of the school year.