5.2-magnitude earthquake rattles Puerto Rico

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(CNN) — Puerto Rico is not getting a break from earthquakes that have been rattling the island for more than two weeks now.

A strong quake struck again Wednesday morning, forcing people to run out of their homes in the town of Guanica.

Living in tents is becoming the new normal for many Puerto Ricans.

“This used to be a community library, it is still a community library,” Edgardo Cruz Velez said.

But where books once were, are now supplies of desperately needed items.

“The concept is people come and we ask them what do you need,” Velez said.

Velez is from Guanica.

For now he spends time gathering supplies and seeing what help he can provide.

“I would like to stay here, but because it’s constantly shaking, you know, the ground, it’s making me sick, emotionally sick,” he said.

He walked around and checked on the town and those still in the area.

“Them as well as, you know dozens if not hundreds of people are staying there, are people just staying outdoors,” he said.

This is the new normal for those in Guanica — they’re living in tents, outside.

“These are people, that are afraid of going back to their houses and rightfully so,” Velez said. “They believe that the roof of their house is going to fall over their head that their house is going to collapse.”

They don’t know when they’ll be able to return as the earthquakes keep happening.

“You saw them running? We’re used to it,” he said.

As Velez showed other spots in the town, a strong 5.2 earthquake was felt.

People surveying a nearby building ran into the streets.

“This is their new life,” Velez said. “Let me tell you what they need, first of all, they need counseling. In terms of material things? What we need are things like if we’re going camping for two weeks, for two months or for a year.”

Scientists are still debating what’s causing all those earthquakes.

They are hoping to get some answers from sensors that were recently placed underground.

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