SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Effective immediately if you hop into an Uber you will no longer be required to mask up.

Uber says it’s tossing that policy which was almost two full years old.

The Uber mask mandate has been quite explosive as drivers have cameras inside their cars and we have seen confrontations between drivers and passengers in the past over the mask mandate.

If you’re hopping into an airport you don’t have mask up at certain airports.

At San Francisco International Airport there is a mask mandate. There is not at Oakland International Airport. We are still waiting to hear from Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Uber passenger Kim Salas said she doesn’t mind using a mask or not, “But if the driver wants you to mask up you should because it’s his car and he should be comfortable.”

Lyft also told KRON4 that masks will be optional while using its services.

“Masks are now optional while riding or driving with Lyft,” Gabi Condarco, a spokesperson for Lyft, stated. “We know that everyone has different comfort levels, and anyone who wants to continue wearing a mask is encouraged to do so. As always, drivers or riders can decline to accept or cancel any ride they don’t wish to take.”