SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you were looking for relief from the Bay Area heat wave that baked much of the region, particularly the East Bay and North Bay, you won’t be getting any time soon. The widespread heat wave that descended on the Bay Area after making its way upward from Southern California last week is set to reach its peak Monday heading into Tuesday bringing temperatures KRON4 Meteorologist Kyla Grogan calls just plain “ugly.”

Bay Area heat wave set to roast East Bay Monday

“Today we are looking out for some just plain ugly numbers inland and they will continue into Tuesday with inland spots like Antioch, Concord, Livermore and Walnut Creek flirting with 110 degrees,” said Grogan.

While East Bay cities like Concord and Livermore look to be bearing the brunt of the ongoing heat wave, North Bay cities will also be roasting this Labor Day.

“Santa Rosa, Novato, San Jose and Morgan Hill will be between 100 and 105 degrees today,” Grogan said.

A statewide Flex Alert has been issued for the sixth consecutive day and an Excessive Heat Warning that was initially issued through Tuesday has been extended through Thursday evening for parts of the Bay Area.

“The Excessive Heat Warning for our inland communities and the Heat Advisory for the bay has been extended until Thursday evening,” Grogan said.

When will the heat wave end?

Unfortunately, things may get worse before they get better. Parts of the East Bay could be in store for triple-digit temperatures all week. According to Grogan, we may not see relief until Friday, or even Saturday for some areas.

“Meaningful cooling will happen Friday around the Bay as we pull back the low 80s, but for the inland areas, it won’t be until Saturday that they truly kick the oppressive triple digit heat,” Grogan said. “Sunday should see a return to much more seasonal temps and this heat wave will officially be in the rear view mirror. But until then, it’s crucial that people make heat safe, smart decisions about what activities they choose to do.”

Longer duration of heat wave brings increased dangers

The current Bay Area heat wave that began in the middle of last week and will last at least until the weekend is bringing an increased danger of wildfires, power outages and other heat-related threats.

“Overnight cooling is limited, last night Livermore, for instance, had a low of just 70 degrees,” Grogan explained. “So for people without air conditioning there is a cumulative effect of heat building up in poorly ventilated indoor areas.” 

When it comes to beating the heat, Grogan recommends “knowing where a cooling center is if you need relief from the heat and making sure you’re looking out for those like the elderly, the young and those with medical conditions that make them more sensitive to the heat – they may well need your help over the next few days.” 

For a list of Bay Area cooling centers, click here.