SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A local house on a curved street in San Francisco has had a couple of ‘unlucky’ collisions over the past 90 years.

Last week, KRON4 reported on a front loader that crashed into a house at 3970 San Bruno Ave. The photo of the home and crash site looked familiar to employees at the Market Street Railway organization, an independent non-profit organization focused on historical transit preservation in San Francisco.

In the organization’s archives, the staff found a photo of the same exact house with a streetcar crashed into the front of it. The organization’s staff thought it was too good not to share, so the they posted it on Twitter.

(Photos courtesy of Market Street Railway and San Francisco Fire Department)

According to Laubscher, the photo is from 1936 when a streetcar lost its brakes, came off the rails, and went straight into the house on San Bruno Avenue. Rick Laubscher, the President of Market Street Railway says the photo was a surprise, “It’s a visual ‘how about that?’ kind of thing,” he told KRON4.

The curve of the road and location of the house leave it in a bit of a precarious situation. Because the street is also on a hill, it is easy for drivers to lose control of their vehicles and careen into the house on the corner.

An aerial view of 3970 San Bruno Avenue

Market Street Railway has been a part of preserving San Francisco’s streetcars for more than 40 years. According to Laubscher, “They were going to be shut down when MUNI subway opened. We fought to get them preserved and kept on track.”