SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An unruly passenger caused a bit of a stir on a redeye flight out of San Francisco over the weekend, KRON4 has confirmed.

According to United Airlines, a ‘disruptive’ customer on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago needed to be removed from the plane by law enforcement when the plane landed at O’Hare International Airport Sunday morning.

Video showing a part of the altercation is circulating on Twitter. In the clip, multiple airline employees can be seen rushing to the center of the plane. Multiple women’s voices can be heard yelling, and a woman can be heard saying, “Sarah, step back.”

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The crew on board a United Airlines flight from out of San Francisco International airport reported an unruly passenger to the FAA during the flight. The Boeing 777-200 was ultimately able to land safely at Chicago O’Hare International Airport around 6 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was called to meet the plane at O’Hare. The bureau reports there is no further threat to public safety as a result of this incident.