Vandals who slashed tires of at least 8 cars at Fremont auto shop sought


In the East Bay, police are looking for whoever burglarized and slashed the tires of at least 8 vehicles. 

It happened in Fremont early Monday morning and so far, no suspects have been identified. 

It’s an auto shop’s worst nightmare — arriving to work and finding that all of your customers’ car tires have been slashed. 

According to the Fremont Police Department, Sunday evening or possibly early Monday morning, someone burglarized at least one car and slashed the tires of 8 vehicles behind two different auto repair shops in the 41000 block of Albrae Street. 

“Monday, five cars of mine were all flat.”

Fil Bertolfo is the owner of Fil’s General Auto Repair. 

The vandals slashed tires on five cars behind his shop. 

Three cars were vandalized behind ASCO Auto Body, which is next door. 

The Fremont Police Department has launched an investigation but so far no suspects have been identified and a motive for the vandalism remains a mystery. 

There are multiple surveillance cameras nearby, but it isn’t clear if any of them captured an image of the suspect or suspects. 

Fil says that a camera at a nearby business did record what appeared to be a black car in the area early Monday morning, but it was too dark to see the driver. 

“I’m responsible.”

Fil says the cars belong to his customers, but since the vehicles were in his care, he has to pay to fix the tires, meaning he’s potentially out thousands of dollars. 

He hopes whoever did this will be arrested and punished. 

“I’m hoping that the people doing that will get caught. Because it’s not funny.”

The owner of ASCO Auto Body was unavailable to comment for this story. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Fremont Police Department. 



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