(KRON) — Former MMA star Cain Velazquez is back in court for a motion hearing this morning and it’s nowhere near done.

Prosecutors say in late February Velazquez tried to kill Harry Goularte.

Goularte is accused of molesting a four-year-old girl who is related to Cain.

Cain allegedly chased Goularte along Highway 101 and attempted to shoot him. He ended up hurting another man during the shooting.

Velazquez has been denied bail and this morning he returns to court.

His supporters have been showing up at the courthouse and believe he has been wrongfully accused.

But prosecutors don’t think so.

Goularte remains out of custody as he waits for his trial to start. He’s being charged with lewd acts with a minor child.

He has pleaded not guilty in that case.

Velazquez has yet to enter a plea deal.

He is facing attempted murder chargers and, if convicted, could be sent to jail for 20 years.