SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco woman who was attacked by a homeless man outside her condominium complex over the weekend spoke out Friday, expressing frustration over how the case was handled by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

On Friday, KRON4 learned despite having video of the attack, the district attorney’s office never showed it to San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken before she ruled Tuesday to release suspect Austin Vincent from custody, pending his next court appearance. 

While the victim is pleased the suspect will now wear an ankle monitor, Paneez Kosarian remains frustrated with the justice system. 

“Now my frustration has shifted from the judge and the judgement to the DA’s office to why they didn’t show that video to the judge,” Kosarian said. 

While the DA’s office said not showing the video is typical in an arraignment, Kosarian said the district attorney’s office assured her they had done everything they could.

“I asked them specifically ‘did she see the video?’ and they said yes,” Kosarian said. 

That’s why Kosarian was so outraged at the judge’s initial decision.

Now that she knows the facts, her outrage is with the DA’s office.  

“Are we always making decisions like this, are we always keeping core evidence from judges?” she asked. 

If there’s one positive for Kosarian, it’s that the judge has now ruled that defendant Vincent must be monitored with a GPS ankle monitor.

“If anything, hopefully there are more eyes on him,” she said. “Who knows what he’s up to and doing and at least I know he can’t get close to me personally, so it makes me feel better and safer today than yesterday.”