On Wednesday afternoon, KRON4 learned of new details in the murder of Nicole Fitts and the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter Arianna.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr confirmed that Nicole Fitts was last seen on April 1, 2016. Nicole was on her way to meet someone known to her, the police will not reveal that person’s name.

Search warrants were served on April 9, 2016 in Oakland in hopes to find Nicole and Arianna. The SFPD conducted searches in Oakland and Daly City, and two residences were also searched.

Police believe they know the people that were the last ones to see Arianna, they believe she is still in the Bay Area and still alive. However, they do not know where those people are located. Police believe they people were caring for Arianna for some length of time prior to the murder of Nicole.

The FBI is now involved in the case. FBI profilers are helping the San Francisco Police Department work on possible suspects.

The suspects are two people that were babysitting Arianna, and are believed to be acquaintances of Nicole, the FBI said.

The FBI has been doing interviews in neighborhoods, gathering forensic evidence, and also getting financial records.

Best Buy, where Nicole worked in San Francisco, is now offering a $10,000 reward for the return of Arianna.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The search continues for a 2-year-old Bay Area girl.

She has been missing since her mother was found murdered last month in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, police are expected to make a major announcement in the case.

On Tuesday, KRON’s J.R. Stone talked to a woman who was close to Nicole Fitts, the mother who was found dead last month.

She told KRON that Nicole was like a daughter to her. She had a clear cut message for investigators.

2-year-old Arianna Fitts has not been seen since February. Those who were close to her family said detectives need to focus their search.

“Like I said, the babysitter has to know something or she has something to do with it,” Fitts’ friend Cheryl Taylor said.

The body of Arianna’s mom, Nicole, was found in a shallow grave in San Francisco’s John McCleron Park in April, covered by a wood plank.

Nicole had been staying with Taylor. On Tuesday, Taylor described the last night she saw Nicole alive, saying Fitts was frustrated with her daughter’s babysitter who lived in the East Bay.

“As far as I know, she was going to Oakland, and I told her before she left, ‘baby whatever you do, get the police involved because Nicole was really upset that night,’ and I told her, ‘whatever you do, get the police involved.’ I said, ‘I’ve had a long day.’ I said, ‘I wish I could stay up and talk to you a little longer, but I am beat, and I’m going to bed,’ and that was the last time I saw Nicole,” Cheryl said.

As to why she was aggravated, Cheryl explains.

“She was upset because she was supposed to get Arianna, and the babysitter kept giving her the runaround behind her daughter,” Taylor said. “I guess they sent her a text message or called her whatever the message was she got that they had taken Arianna to Disneyland. They didn’t have permission to take her to Disneyland.”

And as the clock continues to tick, concern continues to grow on Arianna’s whereabouts.

No arrests have been made.