ALAMEDA (KRON) — Anti-Semitic graffiti was found at an elementary school in Alameda over the weekend.

This is one of a handful of hate-related incidents the Alameda Unified School District has dealt with since the presidential election.

Edison Elementary School in Alameda is again dealing with what some consider hate speech

The Alameda Police Department shared the photo of the graffiti in question.

KRON4 blurred it out because the message is Anti-Semitic in nature.

It was written in ink or chalk and has since been removed.

It quotes a line from a popular sitcom while insinuating a threat to an 18-year-old man who lives near the school.

Police say that person does not wish to file charges.

“There was a reference to Hitler that was relatively favorable,” district spokeswoman Susan Davis said.

Davis says while a teacher was cleaning out her classroom early Saturday morning, she walked up the ramp to the main office when she looked down to the ground and noticed the graffiti.

Davis says the teacher and then called the police.

“Anti-Semitism, for instance, is not new at all, but the increase in our school (district) is new, and we really need to modify our response to it,” Davis said.

On Tuesday, the superintendent sent a letter out to district families denouncing this most recent incident and past hate-speech cases.

The school’s principal also addressed the situation in a letter to parents.

Davis says this is one of five hate-related cases the district has responded to since the November election.

That month, racist messages against Chinese, Japanese and African-Americans were found at five different areas at Edison Elementary.

Parents and administrators responded at the time by painting posters and putting up signs, telling students and their families that they are welcome.

An AUSD teacher and Jewish mother with a daughter who is in third grade at Edison says this latest incident upsets her.

“It makes me feel like we, as a community, have a lot of work to do,” said a parent and teacher who did not want to reveal her name.

The school district says it may expand its anti-bullying curriculum when school resumes in the fall.

Here is a statement from the school district:

We received a call on June 17th at about 9:30 am, and the reporting party was a school staff member. Essentially, the incident at Edison School appears to not be a hate crime, and in fact there was no permanent damage either. The unknown person(s) responsible for this wrote a line taken from a popular TV show, “The Office.” It was a line said by the star of the series to one of his employees during season 6 episode 25. It’s readily available on YouTube. I have attached a photo for you. We do not believe it’s related to any other cases. We contacted Mr. Brown, (whose name was used in the line). Mr. Brown told us he did not feel threatened by this incident, and he did not want any further police assistance. Our case is closed and there’s no further police follow-up. I am away and not available for on-camera.