Video: Bay Area homeowners using Airbnb during Super Bowl 50


SANTA CLARA (KRON) — Some Bay Area homeowners are hoping to get rich on Airbnb during Super Bowl weekend. But it might not be so easy.

On Thursday, KRON’s Kate Cagle spoke to a startup that specializes in home share pricing.

“Everything is within walking distance,” resident Laura Hernandez said.

Paul Aris and Laura Hernandez moved to Santa Clara but had no idea Super Bowl 50 was about to become their neighbor.

“It’s the jackpot right? It’s…going to be a good surprise,” Aris said.

A surprise because they are listing their entire home on Airbnb for the week, hoping some superfan will pay big money to be 5 minutes from the big game. The starting bid?

$2,000 per night.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get away with charging thousands of dollars on Airbnb over Super Bowl weekend. Experts said unless you live in walking distance from Levi’s Stadium, you could go unbooked.

“People who are going to the Super Bowl are spending a lot of money, and so they don’t just want a random one bedroom in San Francisco,” said David Kelso, CEO of Beyond Pricing.

His company automates nightly rates for home shares. And he knows all about the Super Bowl hype.

“For example, in Phoenix last year, we saw this huge boost of people listing their places and none of them got booked,” Kelso said.

It is simple supply and demand. Home shares are competing with each other and hotels that have a lot of empty rooms in February.

The bookings start after the conference championships this weekend.

Until then, fans and homeowners can only dream about scoring big.

Experts said if you really want to make money on your home share, wait for summer when tourism is in full swing.

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