VIDEO: Bay Area residents marvel at Great American Solar Eclipse


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Bay Area residents marveled on Monday morning as the Great American Solar Eclipse covered most of the San Francisco-area sun.

The eclipse, while not total in the Bay Area, created a dusk-like sky from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The Bay Area didn’t get a full eclipse. It got about 75 percent of totality.

The nearest area where the eclipse could be seen for Bay Area residents was in Salem, Oregon. But it was still a sight to see locally, as some even stopped on Highway 17 in the South Bay to take in the eclipse.

Hundreds of people gathered at science centers across the Bay Area, like the Chabot Space and Science Center, to watch the eclipse and gain some insight on what’s happening.

Some even gathered at the Fremont main library to take in the eclipse.

“It makes us realize how small we are in the universe, and it’s happening right in our backyard,” Librarian Brian Edwards said.

And in San Francisco, the eclipsed sun broke through the fog to create a spectacle in the City by the Bay.

Some called it a mystical experience while others praised the power of science. Either way, the spectacle seemed to leave most pretty impressed.

Totality passed quickly in Oregon — just 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Total solar eclipses occur every year or two or three, often in the middle of nowhere like the South Pacific or Antarctic.

What makes this one so special is that it will cut diagonally across the entire United States.

It’s been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic.



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