Video captures racist, sexist remarks allegedly made by Cal student


BERKELEY (KRON) – The diverse campus of U.C. Berkeley has been rattled by racist and sexist remarks by one of their own. 

A video viewed millions of times on Twitter allegedly shows a student saying he hates Black people, and that just like women, they don’t deserve rights.

“I was disgusted, angry and disgusted,” Sean Soares said.

Soares said this type of speech is racist and just plain wrong. 

As an African-American, he wants the school to do something about it.

“Personally in my thoughts, I feel as though the student should be removed from the school grounds,” Soares said. I feel as though he should be expelled from the school and you know disciplinary action should be taken.”

Other Cal students said they are not sure what the school should do in terms of punishment.

But it’s uncomfortable to know this kind of speech is happening on campus.

“It definitely does bother me that someone with views like that or jokes about things like that could be sitting next to me in lectures,” Maha Syed said.

Cal junior Rohan Patel said he had just seen the video, after viewing it he called it “frightening”.

“Hearing this guy talk about people like that kinda really hurts because not only does it make it seem like you know like you come to a school that celebrates all this kind of stuff and doesn’t get that but that you know it affects people that I know,” he said.

A user on the popular website Reddit named “Throwaway Berkeley” claimed to be responsible for the video and posted an apology. 

The user said it was a joke gone wrong and they confessed to their resident advisor. 

Joke or not — it’s not sitting well with some students.

“I feel even worse that it was a joke because they thought it was OK to be joking about such things,” Syed said.

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