DOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – A cat was shot in the eye after she ran away from her York County home Wednesday evening.

“She was 8 weeks old when we got her. She was one of the runts of the litter,” owner Jodi Contreras said.

A family friend knocked on the door when Jodi’s cat, Izzy, made a run for it.

“She’s gotten out other times and she only goes right around the house and that’s it,” Contreras said.

Izzy was found an hour and a half later by Jodi’s 15-year-old son. He opened the door and found her with extreme injuries to her face.

“He’s like, ‘we gotta go to the vet, we gotta go to the vet. You gotta help me get her right now,’ and her eye was just gross and we had no idea what happened,” Contreras said.

The veterinarian said Izzy was shot by a pellet that’s commonly used to shoot squirrels and rabbits.

“She wasn’t injured anywhere else, so first I thought maybe she got hit by a car or maybe she got caught somewhere in between the fences and that caused her eye to pop out,” Contreras said.

The trip to the vet cost the family more than $800 – on top of their emotional pain.

“My cat’s not the only cat that wonders around outside here,” Contreras said.

Jodi said she’s not out to press charges or get anyone in trouble, but she does have one hope.

“For me, doing something like this or posting or talking about it is so that maybe they learn a lesson; that their actions have consequences,” Contreras said.

Jodi filed a police report, but since they don’t know who did it, there’s not much police can do.