SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The three-day Democratic National Convention summer meeting started off heated, with hundreds of people trying to get in a DNC meeting that essentially filled up.

However, activists inside saw there were many seats available, so dozens and dozens of people rushed down anyways and pushed through the doors.

People have come from all over the country to fight for climate change as members will vote on whether or not there should be a climate change caucus and presidential candidate debate on the issue.

Contra Costa County Democratic Party is present, as well as the Sunrise Movement in Marin County and many others.

Video shows people weren’t having it and stormed down the halls to the meeting.

Now it is fully packed with hundreds of people inside, every seat filled.

We spoke with one woman, Jasper Wild, who helped get everyone into the meeting.

She says she thinks the reason they weren’t being let in is because the DNC overall doesn’t want to approve the climate change resolutions.

A DNC member said inside the meeting that he is impressed with how many people showed up.

We also just heard that DNC members just acknowledged in the meeting there is a climate change crisis, but they haven’t voted on the caucus or the debate.

The DNC chair Tom Perez says is against the resolutions saying it would be unfair to concentrate and debate one topic.

Also happening during the three-day event – over a dozen 2020 presidential candidates are speaking.

Just to name a few, some of the 2020 candidates expected to speak are Senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

There will also be several Democratic representatives and other candidates speaking all trying to impress the Democratic National Committee members.

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