MILL VALLEY (KRON)—Coffee shops across the country including dozens here in the Bay Area are joining together raising funds to help lawyers fight President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and travel in court.

As KRON4’s Philippe Djegal reports from Mill Valley customers were more than willing to make a donation to the cause.

Through the weekend at all five Bay Area Equator Coffees and Teas Cafes, the tips collected in jars won’t go to the baristas rather the American Civil Liberties Union.

Barry Harris had no problem throwing in a dollar at this shop in Mill Valley.

“I believe the refugees should be admitted to this country, we’re all refugees,” Harris said.

The coffee website Sprudge approached Equator about the fundraiser earlier in the week offering to match up to $500 in donations collected from each shop.

The money will help the ACLU and its attorney’s continue their court battles with President Trump’s administration following the president’s controversial executive orders on immigration and travel.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Royal Coffee incorporated and blue bottle coffee are among the many companies taking part in sprudge’s “refugees welcome” and “yes-equal” campaign.

Equator spokesperson Devorah Freudiger says she hopes her stores raise $10,000 over the weekend with an overall, nationwide goal of half a million dollars.

“We meet people who are growing coffee, um, sometimes from nations that are now considered to be unwelcome in the States and that’s just like, such a crazy message to send to the world,” Freudiger said. “Everybody’s welcome.”

Customers support the message.

“It’s really cool to see coffee shops like this one that are local that kind of make visible differences,” said fundraiser supporter Sonya Egoian.

“We, you know, know people personally who have been affected by these travel bans and I think it’s really powerful that companies are stepping up, and that the ACLU, we see it fighting, we see it doing, doing things for the individuals who are being affected,” said fundraiser supporter Stephanie Lamond.