VIDEO: Coyote snatches small family dog from San Francisco porch


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A family is heartbroken after a coyote snatched their dog, Bella, from the porch of their home in San Francisco on Sunday.

Jodi Kimel had just taken her two dogs outside to let them go to the bathroom in her front yard in the city’s Ingleside neighborhood when it happened.

They were heading back into the house when the coyote raced up the front steps and grabbed the small Shih Tzu.

Kimel and her husband immediately went searching for the coyote and the dog.

They later found Bella dead laying on the neighbor’s front lawn.

Kimel tells KRON4 she is always extremely vigilant when it comes to coyotes. She always checks before she lets her dogs out.

She said she had turned her head for a split second when it happened.



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