VIDEO: Creepy clown has gun pulled during prank


(CNN Newsource)  – A prankster’s joke lands him at the end of a gun barrel. Now, he’s ditched his clown act in an effort to stay safe.

20-year-old Sadiq Mohammad is a professional prankster whose entertainment videos are viewed daily by 6.7 million people through his Instagram and website page: HoodClips.

“The numbers don’t lie, people love comedy, that’s why I have a lot of followers,” said Mohammad.

However, his latest stunt could have been his last. Sadiq had been pranking people all over Stockton last Monday.

At a Taco Bell drive-thru, running after a few men with a saw and a young boy playing basketball.

“You’re hiding here?” Mohammad responded, “I was like hiding right here. He wasn’t paying attention. He was looking down.”

But when Sadiq jumped out of the bushes to scare a man walking.

“When that thing hit me, I was literally like oh dang, it’s a prank it’s a joke, it’s a camera right there. (Were you almost afraid to run?) Yeah. I seen the gun and if I didn’t tell him it was a prank If I wouldn’t have run I felt like he would have shot me,” said Mohammad.

We sat down with Sacramento attorney, Kresta Daly who says people have self-defense rights.

“So, a person has the right to defend themselves using reasonable force. It’s probably not reasonable to pull a gun,” said Daly.

That’s because in the video the man starts telling him the prank is not funny and then pulls out his gun.

“By the time the clown is saying it’s a prank and you know, trying to get away and visibly being very scared. The threat has ended and the right to self-defense ends when the threat ends,” said Daly.

Sadiq and his camera man took off running, they never looked back.

“What do you think is the lesson learned here?” Mohammad responded, “Lesson learned is, like people don’t play with the clown stuff. Like, people really will shoot anybody.”

This lucky clown is now hanging up his costume for good.

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