KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency received a call that a deer was injured and hanging on a wrought iron fence in Powell.

Roy Smith, a Sergeant with Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, said he responded, saw the deer hanging on the fence and decided the best thing to do would be to tranquilize it. Once the deer was tranquilized, TWRA lifted the deer off the fence, waited for it to fall asleep, then transported the animal to a facility to asses its injuries.

“We’ll look and see if the animal has a good chance of surviving. If it does we’ll release it, if not we’ll likely euthanize it,” said Smith.

Smith said the animals injuries did look pretty severe. He said they’ve seen several deer caught on fences and unfortunately there is not a great way to prevent them from getting stuck.

“The deer, they try to jump these fences, or go through them sometimes. We have them get hung up on them from time-to-time,” said Smith. “Each situation is different and we just have to handle them as they come.”