VIDEO: Dog sentenced to death by San Francisco court given second chance at life, reported to have hurt two more dogs


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A dog sentenced to death by a San Francisco court has been given a second chance at life.

Since then, the black pit bull has been reported to have hurt two more dogs.

At Precita Park, dog owners said they were concerned the dog may strike again.

The dog, named Destiny, has quite the rap sheet. Although she was ordered to be killed two years ago, on Friday night, she roams free. And that has parkgoers worried.

Destiny has got quite the reputation. The adult black pit bull has been accused of attacking at least seven dogs.

Two years ago, a San Francisco court ordered Destiny to be put down.

“I’m uncomfortable with it, but it might have been the best option,” dog owner Dan Brieman said. At minimum, that man should not have been allowed to own Destiny anymore.”

The death sentence was repealed and a judge gave her a second chance at life, so long she was muzzled and on a leash.

But a source tells KRON4 that destiny has attacked two more dogs since then.

“I see it all the time,” dog owner Chris Johnson said. “I see the look in those dog’s eyes, and it’s scary. It’s really scary.”

Johnson, whose own pup was attacked once before, said he knows how hard it can be to break up a dog fight.

“The dog won’t obey the owner. There’s a gathering of people trying to pull this dog off another dog,” Johnson said. “I would have to see that as either breeded in them or he was trained that way.”

Known to frequent Precita Park, dog owners said they are worried Destiny may strike again but don’t blame the dog for her aggression.

“I feel very uncomfortable about the idea of Destiny being put to death because I don’t really feel this is her fault,” Brieman said.

Destiny’s owner Robert Washington is described by parkgoers as a middle-aged tall black man with a thin build.

San Francisco Animal Control have had since May to find Destiny, who has an open and active seizure order.

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