VIDEO: Drifters ordered to stand trial for San Francisco, Marin County murders, robberies


SAN RAFAEL (KRON) — A Marin County Superior Court Judge has ordered two drifters to stand trial in connection with a pair of murders during robberies in San Francisco and Marin County one year ago.

Morrison Haze Lampley, 24, of San Francisco, and Lila Scott Alligood, 19, of San Rafael are accused of killing tourist Audrey Carey, 23, of Quebec in Golden Gate Park on Oct. 2, 2015, and sex therapist Steven Carter, 67, of Marin County on Oct. 5, 2015, on a park trail in Fairfax.

The murder charges also include special circumstances of lying in wait and committing multiple murders and committing murder during a robbery, Judge Kelly Simmons ruled.

Alligood and Lampley also were held to answer to robbery of both victims, vehicle theft, receiving a stolen vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle and property. Lampley also was held to answer to a cruelty to animal charge, but Alligood was not. Carter’s dog was shot on the park trail but survived.

A third defendant charged with the murders, Sean Michael Angold, 25, of San Francisco, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and faces a 15-year prison sentence. He testified against Alligood and Lampley during the preliminary hearing.

Angold said he stole the gun used in the murders from an unlocked vehicle in San Francisco and helped plan the robberies, but said Lampley killed the victims. Angold said he and the defendants were using drugs,

including LSD, heroin, and methamphetamine, during the week they were traveling together in the Bay Area and Oregon where they were arrested Oct. 7, 2015.

The Marin County District Attorney’s Office alleges Lampley shot both victims. Defense attorneys David Brown and Amy Morton alleged Angold was the killer and he agreed to a plea bargain to avoid life in prison without parole.

The defense attorneys said it wasn’t clear who shot the gun because according to Angold’s testimony, all three defendants had held it at one point and they argued Angold’s testimony is unreliable. They said the defendants had no intention to kill but only rob the two victims.

Defense attorneys contend Angold, not Lampley, shot the victims. They told the judge Friday morning Angold’s testimony was unreliable and he was implicating Lampley to escape a life-prison term.

Defense attorneys also said Angold has a history of blaming others for crimes he committed in Southern California. They said Alligood and Lampley, who are in a relationship, only intended to rob the victims, not

kill them.

Alligood’s attorney Amy Morton said she is disappointed with the ruling, and she will challenge the lying in wait allegation against her client before a trial.

She said Angold is as guilty as his co-defendants.”But he getting 15 years,” Morton said.

Morton said Alligood “is in a world of pain.”

Angold testified he stole the gun used in the murders from an unlocked vehicle in San Francisco and helped plan the robberies, but he said Lampley shot the victims.

Angold said he walked away from where Carey was robbed in some bushes in the park and heard gunshots. He testified Lampley told him, “She’s dead dude, don’t worry about it.”

Angold said he was farther away from the spot on the trail in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve in Fairfax when Carter was killed.

Defense attorneys Morton and David Brown said a big question during the hearing was who had the gun.

Angold said Lampley shared possession of the gun: Lampley in the day and him at night. He testified he has trouble keeping track of time and pinpointing when certain events occurred.

Angold said he and the two defendants were using drugs he bought, including LSD, heroin and methamphetamine, during the week they were traveling together in the Bay Area and Portland, Oregon where they were arrested Oct. 7.

Angold said he was using a lot of methamphetamine before the crimes occurred and went about a week without solid sleep before all three met up in late September.

Instead of repeating the evidence and testimony at the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Leon Kousharian focused his argument Friday on the common elements of the murders.

Both were intentional and willful first-degree shooting murders in a short period of time with the same weapon and the same plan to get money to go to Oregon and grow marijuana, Kousharian said.

“They concealed their purpose from the victims and waited for an advantage to attack,” Kousharian said. He said Lampley was the one in charge, and Alligood participated more actively after Carey’s murder.

Alligood and Lampley are scheduled to re-enter pleas to the charges on Oct. 28.Bay City News contributed to this report.

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