VIDEO: Driver says someone threw pipe directly at her windshield as she drove on I-80 in Fairfield



FAIRFIELD (KRON) — A woman’s windshield was shattered by an object that hit her car while she was driving on a Bay Area freeway.

The victim tells KRON4 it appears someone threw a pipe directly at her car.

It was an absolute fright for the driver.

And she shared with KRON4 pictures of the person, she says, chucked that pipe at her car.

Katie Nichols was driving home to Chico from San Francisco on Interstate 80.

While in Fairfield, something smacked her car on Sunday morning.

And she couldn’t believe what she saw on her dashcam video when she got home.

A smashed windshield goes along with the scary story Nichols has to share.

“It shattered my windshield almost like the size of a baseball,” Nichols said.

It is a drive she’s done dozens of times. This time, it left her car damaged and with glass on the seats.

At first, while on I-80 in Fairfield, Katie thought a rock smacked her.

But it wasn’t until she got home and checked her dashcam video when she says she got to see the whole picture.

“It looked like a person on the side of the road, and you could see the body twist and the arm come up,” Nichols said.

Still images from the video shows what appears to Katie to be a person in a white coat standing behind the rail throwing something right at her.

That something looks like a metal pipe, with a cord hanging off it.

“You know that kills somebody to throw a heavy thing like that into traffic,” Nichols said.

She just got the dashcam for Christmas.

It was a present that has now captured a very scary moment that could have ended a lot worse.

“I’m grateful that the outcome is what it is–just vehicle damage that can be fixed,” Nichols said. “My kids can’t get another momma. I’m glad that it did not end up being a bigger deal than it really was.”

KRON4 did speak with the California Highway Patrol.

Officers told KRON4 this is very concerning, and they want to look closely at the video to make sure it is a person throwing the object.

And they want anyone with information to come forward.



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