SAN JOSE (KRON) — The former San Francisco 49ers star Dana Stubblefield declared his innocence Tuesday after being charged with raping a developmentally disabled woman.

“I am completely innocent of all these allegations,” Stubblefield, 45, said in a press conference in San Jose.

The ex-49ers defensive tackle is accused of sexually assaulting the developmentally disabled victim during the afternoon of April 9, 2015 in his Morgan Hill home.

Stubblefield admitted to having sexual relations with the woman but claims that it was consensual.

“Mr. Stubblefield is being targeted for his celebrity status, and this defense team is not gonna let it happen,” said his defense team.

The incident occurred when the then 31-year-old victim went to the home after she was asked to interview for a babysitter job, according to court documents. She reported the crime to Morgan Hill Police right after the crime occurred. Stubblefield reportedly gave the victim $80 after the alleged rape.

The defense team claims that after the alleged assault the victim texted him over 20 times asking for money.

Stubblefield was charged a year later after the victim reported the crime.

“A year after an alleged incident took place, then this case if filed? absolutely ridiculous,” said his defense team. “If they truly believe they had somebody dangerous walking around would let that person walk around for a year? somewhat suspicious that we’re headed towards an election for an attorney general position that this district attorney wants to have.”

“Dana Stubblefield will not be a political pawn for this district attorney’s office or a motivation to become an attorney general.”

The defense team handed out a packet during the conference with the results of a lie detector test that he took in an attempt to prove his innocence along with information regarding the victim’s criminal history.

“This was a crime of violence against a vulnerable victim,” Deputy District Attorney Tim McInerny said in a statement on Monday. “She was looking for a job and she was unconscionably assaulted.”

McInerny also issued the following statement to KRON’s Rob Fladeboe:

“We remain focused on the case. We will present evidence in a court of law, after which we expect Mr. Stubblefield will be held accountable for his crimes.”

If Stubblefield is convicted, he faces a substantial prison sentence. The former player has bail set at $250,000.