BERKELEY (KRON) — Extreme security measures have been put in place by UC Berkeley police for this Thursday’s Ben Shapiro speech on the campus.

The additional security precautions will include UC police establishing a closed perimeter around Zellerbach Hall to prevent violent protesters from getting anywhere near the event.

“We are hoping that some different measures being taken this time, unlike last time, will actually produce positive results, which will keep violent criminal protesters away from the area,” said Troy Worden, who is with the Berkeley College Republicans. “Again, we welcome people from all stripes to come and express their opinion. They can attend the event and ask Ben Shapiro a question, or they can protest outside as long as they do these things peacefully. We have no problem with them.”

The group says being kept away from the event is a violation of their right to protest.

The group is planning to hold a community speak-out event outside UC Berkeley around the same time of the Shapiro speech.