Video: Family demands changes after son dies following routine dental procedure


ALBANY (KRON) — An Albany family is demanding changes Wednesday night after their young son died following a routine dental procedure.

The 6-year-old died after he was given general anesthesia to remove a tooth. Caleb tragically lost his life last year.

And next week, his parents are going to testify in front of lawmakers in Sacramento.

Caleb Sears died last year, just days after a trip to the dentist’s office. His father Tim says Caleb was given general anesthesia so his tooth could be removed.

“We had a really blessed life with two amazing little kids, and overnight, it changed, and we have to just get used to this new life that we have and make the best of it,” Tim said. “But it’s hard.”

According to the family, the oral surgeon recommended general anesthesia because the boy had an extra tooth embedded in his palate that would affect how his permanent teeth would come in.

“Since he would need to drill into his palate, Caleb needed to be sedated,” the family told KRON.

In California, oral surgeons are trained to perform dental procedures and administer general anesthesia. Tim believes had a separate person been administering and monitoring Caleb’s anesthesia, the outcome would have been much different.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if there had been a separate person whose job was just to do the anesthesia and monitor Caleb,” Tim said, “that he’d still be alive.”

On Tuesday, Tim will head to Sacramento and give that same opinion to lawmakers, pushing for Assembly Bill 2235. That bill would regulate anesthesia use among young patients.

“We had no clue that there wasn’t going to be a separate, trained expert, and that was the standard practice in every other field,” Tim said.

Tim wouldn’t say what dentist he took Caleb to.

As far as he knows, that dentist is still practicing.

He said this is about the bill, not that office.WEB LINKS:

Caleb’s Law Facebook Page:

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