AVON, Ind. (WISH) – A woman killed when her bicycle and a semi truck collided in Greenfield this summer left behind a 15-year-old son.

He got to request where he wanted to live and chose his best friend’s family.

So, the Mesarosh family of seven became a family of eight this summer.

They took Aaron into their hearts and their home, which is now bursting at the seams.

Denise Mesarosh never imagined her Avon house with this much hustle and bustle.

“We moved in here just the two of us, now it’s the eight of us,” she said.

She and her husband Ronn have five school-aged kids and added one more teenager this summer.

“July 18th we got a phone call,” she said.

Their 15-year-old son’s best friend had just lost his mom.

“Being a parent you think about that in the back of your mind, what if it were me and what would happen to our kids?” Ronn Mesarosh said, “You have that conversation.”

“Without hesitation we went to get Aaron, because he asked for us,” Denise said.

“It was just reaction, he’s been in our lives for four or five years already, so it was how fast can I meet you to pick him up?” Ronn said.

“Aaron came to stay with us that night, we signed papers to receive guardianship of him, and he’s been with us ever since,” Denise said.

Their 15-year-old son Grayson said it’s just like having another brother.

Aaron said he doesn’t have words to explain how much he appreciates the kindness of the family for taking him in as one of their own.

“I can’t even really explain it in words, just it’s a home,” Aaron Cochran said, “You can’t ask for more, loving family and a home, that’s all that matters.”

With an already full house, the family has made the best spot they can for Aaron.

“Right now he’s in a big hallway up there and so that’s his space for now,” Denise said, “But it’s really important for us to give him his own space.”

They’re hoping to build a room onto the house for Aaron.

“I want him to feel like this is home, I don’t want him to feel like he’s spending the night,” she said.

Their friends have made a Go Fund Me page and others in Avon have offered to hold fundraisers.

“It’s really nice to see how community can come together,” she said.

Click here to reach the Go Fund Me page for the family.