VIDEO: Force seen on video during recent arrest of man in Vallejo still under scrutiny


PITTSBURG (KRON) — The force used during the recent arrest of a man in Vallejo continues to come under scrutiny.

That is because the video of that arrest has been seen all over the internet. However, KRON4s Haaziq Madyun spoke to someone who says the use of force was completely by the book.

In the video, you can see the suspect was pursued on foot and tackled. Punches were thrown and a duty weapon was drawn.

Haaziq asked, “Do you see any red flags in the officer’s response from what you see just in this video?”

“No! The officer did what he was trained to do,” said Don Cameron, who is an Arresting Control and Baton Instructor with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Training Center.

KRON4 went to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Training Center in Pittsburg to get some perspective on last Friday’s arrest of 23-year-old Dejuan Hall in the City of Vallejo.

KRON4 showed the video to Cameron, who has trained Bay Area Law Enforcement Officers for the past 49 years.

“I mean, if he sat down with his hands up that would be a different story, but he didn’t,” Cameron said. “So what the officer needs to do is quickly get him under control because I don’t know if he is armed. I don’t know if he is doing that just to set me up. That has to be a red flag for the officer and he has to be thinking ahead of that.”

Cameron also addressed the punches thrown, as seen in the video.

“We use fisted strikes,” Cameron said. “It’s a fact of police training, and we have done that for years.”

KRON4 also asked if there were any red flags when a weapon was pulled.

“No. I think under that circumstance when you have a crowd coming into you, they are obviously not pro-police,” Cameron said. “So, I want the gun out. I want to say, ‘Hey. Just back off! I’m not pointing it at you.’ People obviously backed off at that point.”

Civil rights attorney John Burris also weighed in.

“Pulling out the gun under those circumstances to me was fundamentally poor tactics,” Burris said.

Burris is taking a different view of the use of force in this case.

“The use of force was unjustified, regardless of what he had done before,” Burris said. “It was the police who initiated the contact and initiated the force. What it appeared under the circumstances was he was trying to surrender.”

Cameron still shares another point of view.

“Bottom line, with most of these use of forces is if the person would just do what the officer told him to do initially, there would be no force used,” Cameron said.

On Tuesday, Hall pled not guilty to four counts of resisting an officer and one count of battery on an officer.

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